Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi is the world’s #1 system for large-scale Wi-Fi service control. Aptilo SMP IoT is a Aptilo products. Aptilo SMP Aptilo Access Controller. The world’s #1 Wi-Fi service control solution. Enabling + million users. Proven in large-scale deployments with + operators in more than 75 countries. The Aptilo Access Controller is purpose-built for access control, usage monitoring and policy enforcement in Wi-Fi networks. It can lookup policies from AAA and.

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Targeted at the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and logistics industries, SOTI products are used by over 80, customers in countries to reduce the costs associated with supporting a mobile field-force. Product configuration made simple. Best of Breed Solutions ARRIS has selected best-of-class vendors, like Aptilo, and pre-integrated their products with our own control systems to provide a best-of-breed service-provider class Wi-Fi solution.

Management | Aruba

This type of hybrid deployment can bring the best of two worlds together. It runs on standard hardware and features true client plugand-play functionality.

MobileIron delivers enterprise mobility management accss, including real-time intelligence and control over smartphone content, activity, and applications. The following factors, among others, could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements: Alvarion makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this press release, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

To receive Alvarion’s press releases please contact Sivan Farfuri, sivan.

Coupled with powerful integrated fault and performance management capabilities and real-time notifications to physical network changes, an Aruba and Entuity solution enables critical business initiatives to be effectively deployed and efficiently maintained.

The AirWave suite tracks key mobile device performance metrics, and provides access to the all MobiControl features including: Looking for a new opportunity?


Examples of value added functionality that the Aptilo AC can bring include:. Load Balancer, Traffic node and Backup node. Route through VLAN 60 defined outside the main service and prioritized on the same level. Together with the Service Profiles defined in the Aptilo Service Management Platform SMP the AC constitutes a powerful tool for handling differentiated service bundles with prioritization of traffic on the user level.

Alvarion and Aptilo Announce Collaboration to Market Mobile Data Offloading

WildPackets develops innovative, easy-to-use solutions that enable organizations to monitor, troubleshoot, conttroller secure their networks. Whenever a primary AC enters a fault state the backup node will take over operations for that specific AC.

Aptilo Networks is a leading provider of carrier-class, pre-integrated management and controoller data offloading solutions. Secure enterprise-grade connectivity and superior quality of service QoS ensure the fidelity and security of all data and always-on service for dynamic multimedia applications such as multicast video, Apple Face Time and SIP voice over IP. Securities and Exchange Commission, which this press release will be a part of.

Aptilo Access Controller | ARRIS

The joint solution targets enterprise, education, healthcare, and government applications. The EYE network management suite combines performance, fault, and inventory management through a single user interface. Give your customers the best experience for GenMobile. This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of A service can be automatically throttled down to a certain capacity if the pre-paid quota has been depleted to a specified level.

Standard Servers single server or blade server with at least two physical network interfaces. About Alvarion Alvarion Technologies Ltd.

Information set forth in this press release pertaining to third parties has not been independently verified by Alvarion and is based solely on publicly available information or on information provided to Alvarion by such third parties for inclusion in this press release. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Aptilo has a proven interoperability with vendors in the wireless echo-system and a multitude of interfaces and APIs for seamless integration to external systems of choice.


Accuris Networks is a leading provider of roaming interworking, device management, and convergence solutions. Increasing network capacity becomes a simple task of adding a Traffic node and including it in the round robin distribution list.


Alvarion Technologies is a global provider of autonomous Wi-Fi networks designed with self-organizing capabilities that enable constantly optimized performance. The automatic bandwidth balancer feature of aptipo Aptilo AC distributes available bandwidth between all active accesz according to the priorities set in the service profiles. August 28 Connecting the Next Billion For more information, please visit http: For more information please visit http: Entuity is a leading provider of innovative management solutions that enable enterprises, system integrators, and MSPs to manage network services and assets, meet service level commitments, implement best practices in service delivery, and even develop and monitor Green IT initiatives.

For more information, please visit www. As intelligent tablets and smartphones become primary communications and computing platforms for business, new risks are introduced that traditional mobile device management strategies cannot address.

Customer Success Aptlo See what our customers are saying about Aruba.

MobileIron and Aruba MobileIron and Aruba have teamed to ensure that employee- and company-owned smartphones that are brought into a corporate environment are automatically enrolled, managed, and secured with minimal IT involvement.

This solution helps operators cultivate a new source of revenue by encouraging new and existing subscribers to purchase Wi-Fi access services. ARRIS has selected best-of-class vendors, like Aptilo, and pre-integrated their products with our own control systems to provide a best-of-breed service-provider class Wi-Fi solution. Wi-Fi network access control, monitoring and policy enforcement.