Anthony L. Peratt is a world leading research scientist on high energy Plasma Discharges. Perhaps the leading authority and some Plasma characteristics have . Anthony Peratt of University of New Mexico, NM (UNM) with expertise in: Archaeology, Historical Anthropology and Geophysics. Read 85 publications, and. Authors: Peratt, Anthony L. Compares 20 year-old assumptions from the first edition, which were based on laboratory data, with recent satellite observations to .

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Backbone of the Sky. Electric Universe theory everyone elseFree research papers and miscellaneous Tags: Amazingly, the tribe has not only prohibited anyone from visiting the site but they have taken complete control of annthony research, requiring anyone curious about this historic collection of petroglyphs submit forms, resumes, research objectives and also to sign a contract with the tribe which allows them to have final say as to the conclusions of any research!

Therefore, your help in directing attention of others to this story could well affect the future of critical investigation in the sciences.

Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

What does it all mean? We highly recommend reading the complete article. The presence of a non-negligible number of charge carriers makes the plasma electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. A system of phonetic sound symbols an alphabet has been associated with these older petroglyphs and reasonably successful translations, using an archaic form of proto-Canaanite, describe the need to take shelter, a “painful” vertical light and “poison” from the sky.

The new discovery validates the age of a certain style of petroglyph. As the same morphological types are found worldwide, the comparisons suggest the occurrence of an intense aurora, as might be produced if the solar wind had increased between one and two orders of magnitude, millennia ago.

  IEC 60130-9 PDF

Plasma Scientist Anthony Peratt Meets the Electric Universe

These images change as you move around the world, reflecting what people would have seen if the plasma column Stickman, squatter man etc was towering above the south pole. A few glimpses of the implied evolutionary sequence can be seen in the forms carved on rock below, from the American southwest:. Shown is Cliff Coulthard, Australian Department of Environment and Planning in Aboriginal Heritage, an authority on pictograph painting techniques having analyzed such works as the Magdalenian cave art in France.

The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars. I – Double radio galaxies, quasars, and extragalactic jets” PDF. The discovery that objects from the Neolithic or Early Bronze Age carry patterns associated with high-current Z-pinches provides a wnthony insight into the origin and meaning of these ancient symbols produced by man. Webarchive template wayback links Year of birth missing living people. Peratt illustrates the shape and characteristics of this high energy discharge on the Earth and shows thousands of petroglyph sites all over the globe where this z-pinch was observed and recorded in ancient carvings.

Some of his findings – working along with David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill, Marinus van der Sluijs Rens van der Sluijs and others – may be amazingly convincing though! Wikipedia has some good examples of the stick man like Squatter Man.

Anthony Peratt Part 2: Backbone of the Sky – The Thunderbolts Project ™

Indeed, the true meaning of these petroglyphs has already been well established. He is currently posting the Discourses on an Alien Sky series. And I noted that the toruses themselves appear to have formed out of twisting filaments reaching upward along an axis before dividing into a toroidal stack.

There is also a free part 2 of this series which investigates further into the direction and source of the z-pinch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The story of plasma scientist Tony Peratt and the personal cost of his involvement with the Electric Universe community deserves to be told simply and accurately. He worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory between andduring which time he held the position of a Guest Physicist at the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics at Garchingnear Munichfrom to The Squatter Man seen by all mankind The Squatting Man found everywhere – communication or seen in the sky?

In the meeting, the late astronomer Halton Arp, the leading authority on peculiar galaxies, stated his impressions to me in no uncertain terms: Plasma columns and Z-pinches in the sky!

Oldest Petroglyph Discovery Raises Questions About Clovis Culture

Devoid of leaves, the shape is believed to be a representation of a phase in the plasma discharge where several seven is the preferred number plasma toroids arrange themselves around a central shaft.

The northern lights are an example of how “sparks” of plasma can form luminous, electrically charged sheets or “tubes” at the Earth’s poles. These bands would continue to extend well out from the planet’s poles and into space and would be visible from almost every point on Earth — each with its own unique perspective.

Very quickly Peratt himself signed a contract for support of his field work, all with a goal to document global rock art and its connection perattt intensely energetic plasma anthoyn seen in both the laboratory and in space. But what celestial events might have caused a form of this sort to appear in the southern sky above human witnesses on earth?

Anthony Peratt Part 2: The paper focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on petroglyphs.