Anoura caudifer (É. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, ) is a phyllostomid commonly called the tailed tailless bat. This is a relatively small species with. The tailed tailless bat (Anoura caudifer) is a species of leaf-nosed bat from South America. (Source: Wikipedia. Photo: (c) ssolari, some rights reserved (CC. In the present study we analyzed the diet of the bat Anoura caudifer at the southernmost limit of its geographic distribution, the Atlantic Forest of southern Brazil.

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P aul V elazco reviewed the synonymy. Zygomatic arches are thin and the middle portion is frequently cartilaginous in young individuals; in mature specimens the arches are ossified and complete. Bokermann’s nectar bat L. Filariidae parasito de Anoura caudifera Chiroptera: This species is a habitat generalist occurring in mesic tropical forests from sea level to 1, m elevation Eisenberg Tympanic bullae are small. Brown flower bat E. International Union for Conservation of Nature.


Retrieved from ” https: Brosset’s big-eared anouga M. Results of the Alcoa Foundation—Suriname expeditions.

It is frequently captured in many locations along its broad geographical distribution but insufficient data about population sizes are available. Cuban fig-eating bat P. Sign In or Create an Account. Lonchorhina sword-nosed bats Tomes’s sword-nosed bat L. The results showed that A. The tail is usually present but can be absent in some specimens Simmons and Voss ; Williams and Genoways There are records in Argentina from Salta and Jujuy provinces Barquez et al.

Flower visitation by bats in cloud forests of western Ecuador. Bats from urban and rural environments of the Distrito Federal, midwestern Brazil. Anoura caudifer is found in primary forest and lightly disturbed forests; in humid areas, especially above streams Albuja-V.

Morcegos do Brasil: Anoura caudifer

Johns Hopkins University Press. Descriptions of pelage color in species of the A. Chestnut long-tongued bat L. Care and management of the longed-tonged bat, Glossophaga soricina Chiroptera: A huge blood sinus is present lateral to the receptor-free caudifre.

File:Anoura caudifer.jpeg

In all these colonies, A. Ega long-tongued bat S.


Although geographic variation is slight in this species, there is some indication that animals from Argentina average slightly larger than those from Ecuador. Desmodus Caaudifer vampire bat D.

Anoura caudifer ( Chiroptera : Phyllostomidae )

However, these data are not sufficient to define precisely the reproductive cycle of A. Underwood’s long-tongued bat H. Glossoph [ aga ].

Niceforo’s big-eared bat T. Laboratory maintainence methods for some nectarivorous and frugivorous phyllostomatid bats.

Geographic distribution of Anoura caudiferwith dots indicating marginal localities.

Red fruit bat S. No gaps separate the remaining premolars and molars.

Some individuals have paler, often reddish, cauvifer on the upper back, and extending onto the back of the neck and head. The basal metabolic rate was calculated for 7 specimens of A. The dentition of glossophagine bats: