Alesis MultiMix8FireWire Manual Online: About The Multimix 8 Firewire, All-in- one Mixer And Multichannel Computer Audio Interface. The MultiMix FireWire. MultiMix 8 FireWire – Reference Manual – Alesis. Views. 4 years ago. Firewire, · Multimix, · Audio, · Recording, · Mixer, · Inputs, · Channels, · External. 9 user reviews on Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire. The manual is pretty brief, but I don’t think you need anything more. I’ve uses it with cubase, garage band and.

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Manual level, I have not had need, but to have it slip it looks clear. Alesis is at it again with a FireWire update to the compact MultiMix 8 audio mixer. I just bought the firewire multimix8 today and I am very satisfied. I needed something that could record at least four tracks so I could record drums how I wanted to.

When you use the mixer as a standalone unit, you really miss it.

Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire Audio Mixer Review – Videomaker

I bought it to record my drums at first, but I now record rehearsals and small live gigs piano solo, for exampletoo. Garage Band is plug it like to laugh, I do not use the sound card’s built-in Mac everything goes through the multimix. As I wrote above, I would probably buy the same series, but the model above, with more inputs. The high pass filter helped smooth out the canned sound produced by the super-cardioid.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. It is a non-powered mixing board and recording console all in one. Small nuances like these make it highly functional for the price. How would you rate the product’s value for money? To me, the value for money is excellent, because the quality is excellent. And then the connectors for the photo will tell you everything. I have never had compatibility or reliability issues. I have had this for 2 years now. Please enter your name here.


All user reviews for the Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire

I recommended it to a friend of mine who is also very happy with it. The new MultiMix 8 FireWire retains mankal from the USB model, alesjs ups the ante by allowing users to mix simultaneous tracks at bit quality. The reference manual is in English and is fairly complete.

Our members also liked: The power switch is right next to the Phantom Power switch so if you turn it on and hear nothing odds are you hit the wrong power button. As part of our audio mixer review, we tested the MultiMix 8 FireWire with a vocal condenser mic requiring phantom power, as well as an ENG Electronic News Gathering style super-cardioid microphone. Also I was using a PC so the pickings where slim. Since that time audio technology has grown in leaps and. It was not grounded properly.

Given the number of sound cards firewire Reduces Chres not currently available, I think I would do this choice. It pretty simple to setup. Notify me of new posts by email.

Level connectivity is extensive: I informed myself about fjrewire models, but unfortunately didn’t test any of them. I also wanted a easy to use software than Pro Tools. It’s prefect for a laptop with only one firewire port. Knob with hard stops Auxiliary Sends Returns: The preamps start getting noisy halfway, but if you manage well, you shouldn’t need to go alesix that. Request a new review. Alesis multimix12firewire audio mixers: This lets the user add more tracks to the mix without adding bulk.


Specifications Page 56 Page 57 – Chapter Nine: I had some confusion as gentleman below me with the main mix and ctrl room but you soon realize. What I love about this mixer is that the usual controls are directly accessible with the rotary knobs. This is the mannual and night My hp and my headphone is a new found youth.

After the required reboot, our desktop CPU still ran about 25 degrees warmer than before the install. Perfect to record multi-track gigs live.

So I think it can be considered a good soundcard. You may also have to change the preferences in your audio software. It has also served as the foundation for a small home studio for my band where we record with a more comprehensive setup than on rehearsals and onto multiple tracks. Upon installing the drivers CD, we noticed that the disk was a bit marred. I do not like: