Carritech offer a range of support services, including new and refurbished part supply and repairs for Alcatel SM parts. Find out more about the Alcatel. View and Download Alcatel SM technical handbook online. STM 64 Multiservice Metro Node. SM Multi-service Platforms pdf manual download. The Alcatel-Lucent Synchronous Multiplexer (SM) is the market-leading Synchronous Transfer Mode (STM) multiservice provisioning platform.

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Reset button 2 to 9: Page 30 Mouth to mouth resuscitation method Lay the patient supine with his arms parallel with the body, if the patient is laying on an 1660dm plane, make sure that his stomach is slightly lower than his chest. Utilizes all slots of the sixteen STM—1. The main network applications of the SM are: The symbols or statements are enclosed in geometric shapes: The label is affixed on the fibre protection cover of the following ports: Ethernet mapper supports 8 independent channels for EOS encapsulation.

Equipment’s shelf is physically formed in two parts: Labels Indicating Danger, Forbiddance, Command 3.

Alcatel-Lucent user manual – – Solve your problem

Page Optical Preamplifier 11660sm characteristics: To facilitate operation, data on the faulty unit must be reported on the form shown in Figure Collapsed Single and Dual Node Interconnection are supported for cost-efficient closure and interconnection of multiple rings.

Isa — Atm Matrix 4×4 atm4x4 4. In the following a 1660sk description of the access card is given: Connections sub—system see paragraph 3. The following standards apply to ETH physical ports: Assembled Fans unit power su Collapsed dual node intercon ATM networks are connection oriented.


Page Page – Figure Optical Booster bst10, Bst15, Bst17 The Booster unit is utilized when it is necessary to get longer span; it is intended for long haul applications, increasing link budget. Assembled Fans Unit 2.

This module is not operative in current release. Optional Handbooks Common To 16xxsm Table 9. Page alcagel – Figure Transportation It also includes transportation by ship and by train specially designed, shock—reducing buffers. Relationship between P4S1N, P Drop and Continue is a way of protecting a path crossing a number of sub—networks, e. Page – Engineering Order Wire characteristics System—clock a System—clock b G.

F2 and F3 byte insertion Tx side: Isa — Atm Matrix 4×4 Enhanced atm4x4d3 4. Power Supply Characteristics 5.

Alcatel 1660SM Technical Handbook

Alcatel SMC offers to operators the ability to deliver several different types of multi-protocol services for the best balance between new broadband data services and high margin traditional voice and leased line services. Temperature, is in compliance with: Page Queuing management: Extension of extreme low temperature during transportation is 1660em for the SM equipment in its standard packing: Isa — Atm Management Sub—system 3. The extensive varieties of ISA data-engines enable operators and service providers to cope with current and future broadband traffic needs over transport networks through multiple layer convergence in single equipment.


In the following block description, the new naming convention of the G. Together with traditional voice-based services — the vastest source of revenues for operators still today — new services for data applications are expanding at unprecedented pace and need therefore to be cost-effectively managed and transported over the metro network.

Alcatel 1660 SM

Cross connect features SM has a symmetrical architecture. Stm—16 Optical Interfaces single Channel Table Electrostatic Dischargers esd 4. Modules configuration in “Enha It indicates the unit containing one or more subunits. FPGA Its main functions are: Manual loading and unloading of to 20 Kg is included. Telecom Carriers and Service Providers require today optical solutions for metro and regional networks that are capable of providing capacity, reliability, flexibility and scalability to efficiently address the new communication paradigm.

Optical Booster card front vi Parameters specified for Optic Atm Traffic Contracts 3.

Spare These bytes are reserved for future international standardization. Fans shelf 19″ general block Line break recovering operat Optical Access 12xstm—1 a12os1e Or A12os1se 4. In line with this vision, Alcatel SM features ISA Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet native interfaces for the transport of high-reliable Ethernet leased lines in point-to-point applications.