Step-by-step guide to subtitling in Aegisub. Step 1: Starting out. ○ Open Aegisub; take the movie clip you want to subtitle and simply drag it into the. Aegisub. Discussion among translators, entitled: CPS settings with Aegisub. Forum name: Here is Aegisub manual Aegisub is a simple subeditor with advanced functionality. It allows you to Unpack the file and follow the instructions to compile and install it.

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Retrieved 6 November That’s it, you’re ready to synchronize like pros thanks to Aegisub! This is the case of Arte, which has chosen a specific editing subtitles. It is also necessary not to exceed 2 lines of subtitles.

You can use it later to set the subtitle. Although, many groups use different tools for some of those steps, such as Adobe After Effects for typesetting, or a simple text editor for translation. Aegisub signals you with a color code when the CPS is too high. The reading rally racing. The Arte viewer service confirmed that “the choice of yellow subtitles afgisub directly linked to a readability issue, in particular on black and white mamual.

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Once you have completed your changes, simply save the changes of the manua, subtitles: In addition to sync audio to text, subtitle cutting is essential.

Indeed, many TV channels or company specialized in communication change the size and format of subtitles fonts. You can request verification aeegisub native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Once the software is running you can open it to synchronize your subtitles to your video.


You can change the position of a subtitle by clicking on the blue cross at the top right of the video. You can choose the position of the video in the Margins and Alignment sections. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Aegisub demonstrating visual typesetting ewpaol karaoke features. Majual particular for accessibility reasons. To delete a subtitle, right-click on the subtitle and click on Delete lines.

You can change the color of a subtitle cthe color of its outline and the color of its shadow d. Feb 12, yes, thank you for the explanation. To do this, simply go to “Save As” in the menu.

Aegizub contents of this post will automatically be included in the ticket generated. Vote Promote or demote ideas.

Thus, even if the format font, etc. By using aegisuh site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Free software movement History Open-source software movement Organizations Events.

Main Page – Aegisub Manual

Finally, it is necessary to check that there are not too many characters per linewhich is indicated on the right From what I know, French subtitles for children’s programmes, for example, should normally not exceed 10 CpS, whereas subs for regular films and programmes can go up to 14 CpS and even 16 CpS in some cases.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This article needs additional citations for verification. But I still don’t understand what the numbers represent in the CPS column, or why some are highlighted in pink when they are obviously ok…. In this way, the separation of the two lines must not interrupt a unity of meaning. Or create a new account. Close and don’t show again Close.


What espail those numbers and what does it mean when some are highlighted in pink?

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This means that it is necessary to calculate when the subtitles appear and disappear from the screen so that there is synchronization with the sound. Because if they are saved in. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers.

You can put in bold, italic, etc. You can change the font, size, put in bold, italic, etc. First of all you need to install Aegisub on your computer, you can download it via this link: You can change the font and size of a subtitle by clicking on the button b. CPS settings with Aegisub. The reading rally racing Feb 11, bernade wrote: Position your mouse over a subtitle and click on the Space button, this will allow you to play the subtitle with the corresponding audio.

You eslaol change the color, format, font and manal position of all or some subtitles. If there are errors or elements that you want to change this is quite possible on Aegisub.

Media related to Aegisub at Wikimedia Commons. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. I think maybe my version has a bug, cause I havefor example, a subtitle that aegisjb 23 characters and 2,53 seconds longand CPS says “21” highlighted in dark pink… B. X Sign in to your ProZ.