Also new in this edition is a section on multihulls in heavy weather. or her own craft can afford to ignore the advice in “Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: Adlard Coles’ heavy weather sailing / [ edited Expert advice; Yacht design and construction for heavy weather /‚Äč Olin . The third revised edition of Adlard Coles’ classic Heavy Weather Sailing, published by John deGraff between and , has long been out of print.

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The seamanship classic you should have on-board when sailing in rough weather. Heavy Weather Sailing has long reigned as the ultimate international authority on surviving storms at sea aboard sailing and motor vessels. The book brings a wealth of expert advice from many of the great sailors of the present, including fresh clles Peter Cook and Larry and Lyn Pardey of yachts, both sail and heav, overtaken by extreme weather.

Techniques for coping with heavy seas are explored and a new section on storm sails has been added. A new chapter on Seeking Shelter from Heavy Weather gives pithy advice on how to anchor, moor and go alongside during a storm, as well as advising against simply dashing for harbour weagher any thought as to its suitability or safety once there.

Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing – Kaines Adlard Coles – Google Books

Seasickness remedies proposed, there are lessons to be learnt for those in command, and a detailed analysis of meteorological conditions leading up to a storm. This is the book for crews of any size contemplating voyages out of sight of land anywhere in the world, whether racing or cruising. It gives a clear message of the sort of preparations required, and the tactics which should be considered when it comes on to blow.


An avid cruising sailor and racer, he has handled sailboats in all weather.

Heavy Weather Sailing 7th edition

This is a beautiful gift edition of a much loved classic. In the words of John Leather, ‘few sailing books become classics like this one’, and since first The Boat Data Book is a treasure trove of invaluable information for boatowners, designers, builders, surveyors, chandlers and anyone maintaining This book covers all the factors relevant to choosing and installing a new diesel engine, whether the work will be done by the owner or entrusted to a The romantic dream of downsizing, giving up the ratrace, and living life at 4mph on the inland waterways is proving more and more attractive.

Dinghy cruising is a magical way of exploring new coastlines and experiencing nature at close quarters. For families or solo sailors alike it offers a This book is the powerboating equivalent to Heavy Weather Sailing – the classic and bestselling sailing reference on the Adlard Coles list.

Weather Wise is a highly practical, sauling and very accessible guide to weather phenomena for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. This volume aims to familiarise seven-to-eleven-year-olds with yachts and family sailing so that they will be able to understand, enjoy and participate in Compiled by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, eailing has years of experience sailing small boats around the world, this Logbook is not only a convenient place to keep No reviews yet, but you should totally write one.

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Heavy Weather Sailing 7th edition: Peter Bruce: Adlard Coles

Heavy Weather Sailing has long reigned as the Click images below to enlarge: Product Overview Product No: Product Description The seamanship classic you should have on-board when sailing ccoles rough weather. The Magic of the Swatchways. Add to Wishlist More Info. The Boat Data Book. How to Install a New Diesel Engine. Blue Water Sailing Manual. Adlard Coles Nautical Logbook.

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Heavy Weather Sailing

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