Read Aaron Lazare’s requirements for an effective apology. These attempted apologies and expressions of consolation failed to elicit. Aaron Lazare, M.D., a noted scholar on the psychology of shame and humiliation, offers a thoroughly engaging and lucid examination of an important and. On Apology, by Aaron Lazare. New York, Oxford University. Press, , pp., $ What a pleasure to read a book by a prominent psychiatrist.

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He asserts that, as our world continues to become ‘smaller’ as the result of being more closely inter-connected, the apology should be mankind’s primary interest as well. By apologizing, the offending party reaffirms his or her commitment to the rules and values implicit in the relationship by saying, in essence, “I really am the person you thought I was. Throughout, the author looks not only at individuals but also at groups and nations–for instance,Abraham Lincoln’s apology for slavery, the German government’s apology to the victims of World War II, and the U.

This book will teach you the art on how to apologize and why it is neccessary. Readers will not only find a wealth of insight that they can apply to their own lives, but also a deeper understanding of national and international conflicts and how we might resolve them. More personal rather than o examples would address more laymen daily needs.

I found it at the library. A great read for all. When my cousin Deb heard Aaron Lazare speak in Boston she bought his book after the lecture. Feb 08, Gabrielle rated it liked it. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. In a perfect world. Oct 10, Maureen Flatley rated it it was amazing.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: A valid acknowledgment must make clear who the offender is or has the standing to speak on behalf of the offender and who is the offended. Not sure how since apparently sees apologies as a chance to really humiliate people and rub their faces in feces. A honest and thoughtful book for those who really want to understand this most profound an potentially healing human interaction.


Ok now I’m starting to sound apologgy lawyer.

On Apology

We are forever touching other peoples lives in ways that may not always be the most congenial and because of misunderstanding, anger. Lazare is a good and interesting writer – he knows not to drag stories out for too ,azare and he knows not to lecture without also giving us entertaining, real life examples.

People who offer forgiveness with an expectation of a future apology – such as a mother forgiving a murderer for killing her aaro, or a man forgiving a robber for robbing him.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? I heartily recommend “On Apology” to anyone interested in understanding more deeply our shared humanity and the process of apologizing. Or maybe you’d think that the reliance on case studies would make this a less-than-serious think piece. apologj

On Apology by Aaron Lazare

Lazare’s perceptive interpretations will forget his sensitivity and wisdom. Just finished this easy and thoughtful book about apologies. A causal relationship between apology and forgiveness is understandable based on this analysis of apology. Although the chapter on when to delay an apology was definitely novel, this book felt more like a manual on common sense than a guide to repairing personal relationships.

Naomi’s face turned smug and self-satisfied as she said, “Well, are you going to apologize? References to this book Intuition and Metacognition in Medical Education: Great book – gets into the nitty-gritty of apology and what constitutes an apology. On apology is an invaluable tool in improving your own apologies and in understanding others.

Is it ever too late to apologize?

An authentic and effective apology includes two components Can there be nonverbal apologies? Experience and History David Carr. This in turn makes his analysis stand out even more.

Be forewarned, you will never look at apologies the same again, never offer another flipant “I’m sorry” and never again accept one.

Among the most moving lazar in the book is Lincoln’s second inaugural apoloogy, in which he apologizes for American slavery: On the back cover of the book, there is a quote from the starred review from ‘Publishers Weekly’: There are situations in which it is useful to forgive without an apology. Indeed, especially after a party has been humiliated, as in the case of Abu Ghraib, apology is a vital, often necessary, step toward assuaging feelings of humiliation, promoting forgiveness, and restoring balance to a relationship.


If only I could write this well. Commonly, the relationship becomes stronger with a bond forged out of the honesty and courage of the offending party. No matter what field of work you are in, this is a book that can be applied to all parts of your life. On Apology Aaron Lazare, M. For an example of this type of apology, it is useful apoolgy compare the Abu Ghraib incident with another case of prisoner abuse and its aftermath. Latrell Sprewell to his coach.

Making Peace Through Apology | Greater Good

He apooogy aleading authority on the psychology of shame and humiliation, and wrote a highly regarded article on apology in Psychology Today that led to appearances on “Oprah,” “Talk of the Nation,” and many other TV and radio shows. Click here to watch the video about our newest idea, and to donate. On Apology Aaron Lazare No preview available – On Apology opens a window onto this common occurrence to reveal the feelings and actions at the heart of this profound interaction.

The newspaper at Spokane Community College. Two, in my family if the parent was in the wrong and apologized sincerely to the child and the child responded with a smug “I love it when you apologize, Mother, because it makes you feel so foolish.