A text book of refrigerarion and air-conditioning by R S Khurmi. Refrigeration and airconditionin by rs khurmi. Onkar Nath. Engineering. Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning has ratings and 8 reviews. For the students of B.E.;UPSC(Engg. Services); UPSC (Civil Services); Secti. I found a Substitute for A Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by R. S. Khurmi. This Substitute has all the Similar Topics Covered. Please get it from.

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Note; Thermodynamics deals with hose quantities textook which are not properties of any system. The heal is a form of transit energy which can be identified only when it crosses the boundary of a system.

Today it is used for the manufacture of ice and similar products. Effect of valve pressure drops The p-v diagram of a reciprocating compressor considering the pressure drop at the suction and discharge valves is shown in Fig.

A commercial refrigerator operates with R between 1. VS The standard value of atmospheric pressure is taken as 1. The T-s diagram for a boot strap air evaporative cooling system h shown in Fig 3, In a boot strap air evaporative cooling system, the evaporator is provided a between the combustion chamber and the first heat exchanger b between the first heat exchanger and the secondary compressor c between the secondary compressor and the second heat exchanger id between the second heat exchanger and the cooling turbine 8.

Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning : R. S. Khurmi :

Anupam Singh rated it it was amazing Mar 21, Three stage compression with flash intercoolers. Ammonia NH 3 2. This happens, because of the lack of clear etxtbook of the difference between mass and weight. Theoretical power per tonne of refrigeration Return to Book Page. A system is said to be in chemical conditionihg, when there is no chemical reaction within the system and also there is no movement of any chemical constituent from one part of the system to the other, 1.

Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (M.E.)

In other words, the total pressure exerted by air and water vapour mixture is equal to the barometric pressure. Amar Kumar rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Similarly, when heat is removed from a substance and the temperature falls, the heat removed or subtracted Is called sensible heat. As a matter of fact, it is tedious to define the term entropy.


S, units has been revised to recognise all the S. The temperature at which the volume of a gas becomes zero is called absolute zero temperature.

But this does not reverse the cycle, on which it works, A two-stroke petrol engine may be made to revolve in iar direction by altering the timing of ignition. In that case, etS will be decrease in entropy, The engineers and scientists use it for providing quick solution to problems dealing with adiabatic expansion. The pressure ratio of compressor is 4. But it is comparatively easy to define change of entropy of a working substance. Sketch the cycle on a skeleton p-h chart and label the values of enthalpy at salient points.

The potential energy, kinetic energy and internal energy are the examples of stored energy. Note; An open system may be referred to as control volume An open system is equivalent in every respect to a control volume, but the term open system is used throughout this text as it specifically implies that the system can have mass and energy crossing the system boundary.

To ask other readers questions about Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioningplease sign up. The air is now expanded isothermally i. The corresponding p-h diagram is shown in Fig. A dense air machine operates on reversed Bray ton cycle and is required for a capacity of 10 TR, The cooler pressure is 4,2 bar and the refrigerator pressure is 1,4 bar.

It takes the addition of heat or the removal of or to produce these changes.

Sachin Kumar Ritanjay rated it liked it Mar 03, The substance which works in a heal pump to extract heal from a cold body and to deliver it to a hot body is called a refrigerant. T 3 is more than the suction temperature of refrigerant i.


When is dehumidification of air necessary and how it is achieved. Electrical connection diagram of a domestic refrigerator. Fans – The process represents isentropic expansion of air in the cooling turbine upto the cabin pressure and the process ‘ represents actual expansion of air in the cooling turbine.

Also indicate the direction of the external energy How to or from the equipments. Since there is a change in its volume, therefore the heat supplied to the gas is utilised to increase the internal energy of the gas and for doing some external work. The refrigerant in the evaporator with oil floating on the top has a tendency to have a higher boiling point than that corresponding to its pressure. Draw a neat diagram of three fluid system of refrigeration electrolux refrigeration system and explain its working 7, Mention the function of each fluid in a three-fiuid vapour absorption system.

But when the heat and work are not completely restored back by reversing the process, then the process is known as irreversible process also called natural or real process[n an irreversible process, there is a loss of heat due to friction, radiation or conduction. In – Actual increase in temp. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Full text of “A Textbook Of Refrigeration And Air Conditioning By R. S. Khurmi And J. K Gupta”

It is thus obvious that steam, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ammonia are regarded as vapours. Units The eleventh General Conference of Weights and Measures recommended only the fundamental and derived units for S.

In case the temperature involved is above www. The various values as read from p-h diagram for R are as follows: This process is repeated several limes to assure that the lowest possible wet bulb temperature is recorded. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The various processes are discussed below: