Ford Taurus Owners Manual [Ford Motor Company] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Ford Taurus. Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages).

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Roadside Emergencies Canadian customers who require roadside assistance, call 1——— The Dispute Settlement Board may not be available in all states.


Determine your magnetic zone by referring to the zone map. Stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible, switch off the engine and let the engine cool. Set the parking brake and ensure the gearshift is securely latched in P. If this happens, reinsert the disc holder back into the magazine while pressing on the lever.

BATTERY Your vehicle is equipped with a Motorcraft maintenance-free battery which normally does not require additional water during its life of service. The layer of ice has many sharp edges and can damage the micro edge of the wiper rubber element. Engine oil filler cap 6. To reduce risk of electrical shock, always replace the cover to the Power Distribution Box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs.

This allows the tongue to unlatch from the buckle. For questions or comments, contact HomeLink at www. This type of child seat eliminates the need to use seat belts to attach the child seat.


Remove the jumper cable from the ground metal surface. Page Roadside Emergencies Ford Motor Company produces a towing manual for all authorized tow truck operators. This will automatically return the vehicle to the mnaual set speed.

Press the ON control and release 2. Airbags if equippedshoulder belt guide on seatback if equippedchild safety seat LATCH and tether anchors, and attaching hardware, should be inspected after a collision.

Make sure all occupants buckle their safety belts. Indicates the maximum load and tire pressure when the tire is used as a single; defined as two tires total on the rear axle. Speed Control Setting speed control The controls for using your speed control are located on the steering wheel for your convenience. Wrecker Towing It is forx that your vehicle be towed with a wheel lift manuzl flatbed equipment. Make sure the tongue is securely fastened to the buckle by pulling on tongue.

Carefully pull the bulb from the socket and push in the new bulb. If the safety seat is not anchored properly, the risk of a child being injured in a crash greatly increases. Page 7 By referring to the pages in the provided supplement, you can properly identify those features, recommendations and specifications that are unique to your vehicle.

Reinstall lug nuts until the wheel is snug against the hub. If it is necessary to modify an advanced front airbag system to accommodate a person with disabilities, contact the Ford Customer Taurus tau Owners Guide postfmt Page Do not use accessory seat covers.


It is also recommended that a new battery be placed in the hand-held transmitter of the device being programmed to HomeLink for quicker training and accurate transmission of the radio-frequency signal. The name and color of the button may vary by manufacturer. While the belt retracts, guide the tongue to its original position to prevent it from striking you or the vehicle. For more information, or to replace the filter, see your Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer. For height and weight limits, see the label on the seat cushion.

Maintenance and Specifications It is recommended you use the appropriate Motorcraft oil filter or another brand meeting Ford specifications for your engine application. Seating And Safety Restraints Raise the head restraint by pulling it upward.

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Refer to the payload description and graphic in the Vehicle loading — with and without a trailer section. Tighten the thumbwheel at both ends of the cross-bar.

Ask your fuel supplier about gasolines that meet the World-wide Fuel Charter. Press again to stop.

If you do not take these precautions, your vehicle may move unexpectedly and injure someone.