Divya desam refers to Vishnu temples that are mentioned in the Divya Prabandham of 12 Alwars, collection of Tamil versus or Paasurams. A Divya Desam (Tamil: திவ்ய தேசம்) is one of the Vishnu temples that are mentioned in the works of the Tamil Azhvars (saints). Divya means. Divya Desams are Vishnu temples that are mentioned [Mangalasasanam – Praising the glory of the lord] in the works of the Alvars. Divya Desams means a.

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Divya Desam, Divyadesams, Sri Vishnu temples

While most Divya Desams follow Thenkalai mode of worship, some follow Vadakalai too among others. Nilathingal Thundam Perumal temple Vishnu fivya the parrot and appeased him of him previous birth.

The last two are Thirupalkadal and Paramapadam. It is one of the five ancient shrines in the Chengannur area dedams Kerala, connected with the legend of Mahabharatawhere the five Pandavas are believed to have built one temple each; the temple is believed to have been built by Yudhishthira. Divya Desams Divya Prabandha Mangalasasanam.

Divya Desam Map

According to tradition, Tirumizhisai was the son of a sage, ThondaradiMathurakaviPeria and Andal were from brahmin community, Kulasekhara from Kshatria community, Namm was from a cultivator family, Tirupana from panar community and Tirumangai from kazhwar community. The word azhwar in Tamil, means one who immerses oneself into the ocean of the countless attributes of god.


The songs of Prabandam are regularly sung in all the Vishnu temples of South India daily and also during festivals. EngvarB from April Use dmy dates from April All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Commons category link is on Wikidata. A Divya Desam Tamil: Naimisaranya Mathura Gokul Ayodhya. Moon Spotlight Angkor Wat.

Raghunathji Temple – UTK 8. Koodal Azhagar Temple Concise classified dictionary of Hinduism.

Divya Desam

According to these texts, the saints were considered incarnations of some form of Vishnu. Know More More Hindu Homams.

University of California Press. Hara Saabha Vimocchana Perumal Temple. Views Read Edit View history.

The temple complex 1008 an area of 2. Vishnu is also believed to have appeared for sage Nandaka. The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society. Know More More Purana Sthalams. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Divya Desams. Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple Image of Rangamannar-Andal temple in Srivilliputhur.

Retrieved from ” https: It all takes very small and easy steps, if followed would give us the Paramagati of we being under the divine Tiruvadi of Sarveswaran – Sriman Narayanan.

Naimisaranya – UP 5. Azhwars are considered the twelve supreme devotees of Vishnuwho were instrumental in popularising Dessams during the 5th-8th centuries A. Of the temples, are in Indiadeams is in Nepaland last two are outside the Earthly realms.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism: But it is widely accepted by tradition and historians that the trio are the earliest among the twelve azhwars. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thus it is believed that Vishnu descends here for all forms of life. Tirupalkaddal is the ocean of milk and paramapadam is the Vaikuntha where Lord Vishnu presides. Know More More Chennai Temples.


In Hindu texts, these temples are often referred to as Bhooloka Vaikuntamwhich in Sanskrit means Heaven on earth.

Earliest references to this temple appear in the poems and hymns composed by the greatest of Alvar saints – Nammalvarin circa AD. Readworthy Publications P Ltd. Early history of Vaishnavism in south India. Pundarikakshan Perumal temple is believed to have been built by the Pallava king Digya — AD. Kulasekara Alvar – 11 Thirumangai Alvar – MuktinathSaligramam is the only Divya Desam in Nepal.

The religious works of these saints in Tamilsongs of love and devotion, are compiled as Nalayira Divya Prabandham containing verses and the temples revered in their songs are classified as Divya desam. Hymns for the Drowning: